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I love to leap into the unknown. Experiment. Discover and share. Challenge the obvious and play with words until the perfect nuance, the exact phrase, the most effective combination is created and the words simply sing.
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Copywriting Specialities

Advertising copywriter: I sweat over slogans, craft concepts, write TV and radio scripts, create corporate videos, polish copy for print ads, press releases and advertorials, write websites, company reports, brochures and direct mail. 

Writer: I create feature articles for newspapers,  how-to reports for specialist journals, anecdotal colour pieces for women’s magazines and travel stories for publications.

Educator: I develop curriculum and courses plus write and deliver lectures for the TAFE and University sectors, focusing on the areas below.

Sally testing her wings off a bridge in Vancouver

• Developing Strategy

• Writing Briefs
• Concept development
• Copywriting
• Making presentations
• Building client relationships
• Creating advertisements
• Industry-linked projects